White Chalk Road

Strengthening the brand of one of Australia's leading and longest-running online marketing agencies.

About White Chalk Road

White Chalk Road, established in 1999, is one of Australia’s pioneers in the realm of SEO and search marketing services. Over the years, they have cemented their status as an industry leader, earning trust and recognition across the digital marketing landscape. Their client portfolio spans a diverse array of sectors, from retail and finance to healthcare and more.

White Chalk Road’s suite of services goes beyond SEO to include Online Advertising in the form of Google Ads, as well as Content Marketing, and Social Media Management. Their combined experience of over 50 years across the team of marketing specialists allows them to provide sophisticated and effective solutions to their clients.

The initial project

Despite having a wealth of industry experience and a successful track record, White Chalk Road realised that their website was not fully reflecting the quality of the services they offer. The site needed a fresh, modern look and improved functionality to match the innovative and effective digital solutions they provide to their clients.

With their commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and providing a quality service, White Chalk Road recognised the importance of having a website that encapsulates their brand identity, engages their target audience effectively, and promotes their wide range of services. To accomplish this, they sought out the expertise of Organik Web.

The challenges

Several key areas needed attention to fully align the White Chalk Road website with its established branding and current industry trends.

The aesthetic appeal of the site was a primary concern. The website design had grown dated and lacked the modern, sleek look that is White Chalk Road wanted to exude. The outdated design ran the risk of making the company appear less innovative than some competitors. Hence, modernising the website’s appearance was a significant challenge that needed to be addressed.

Functionality and user experience presented challenges. The site needed to offer smooth, intuitive navigation to keep visitors engaged and interested in the wide range of services White Chalk Road offers.

The user interface had to be overhauled to ensure that it was user-friendly and that it efficiently guided visitors to relevant information.

There was also the challenge of ensuring that the site was fully optimised for search engines. Given that SEO is White Chalk Road’s primary service, it was vital that their website mirrored the service they provide for their clients. The site had to be designed and structured in a way that allowed search engines to index and rank it effectively, thereby boosting its online visibility.

All these challenges required a careful, strategic approach to create a website that would meet White Chalk Road’s high standards while accurately reflecting their brand and the services they offer.

The solutions

Addressing the identified challenges required a detailed and carefully thought-out approach from our team.

To give the site a modern and fresh look, our team researched the latest trends in web design that are common in the digital marketing industry. The colour scheme was made to match the brand colours of White Chalk Road, with a minimalist layout implemented to create a sleek and contemporary look. This made the website more visually appealing and aligned it more closely with the company’s established branding.

In terms of functionality and user experience, our team focused on creating an intuitive navigation system.

The site layout was restructured and designed with the end user in mind. Web pages were organised logically and clearly labelled, ensuring that visitors could easily find the information they were seeking. The site was also optimised for mobile viewing, catering to the growing number of users browsing on their smartphones.

Regarding SEO optimisation, our developers applied their in-depth knowledge of best practices to make the site as search engine-friendly as possible. This involved employing techniques such as including meta tags, structuring URLs correctly, and implementing an XML sitemap.

We ensured that all the website’s content was easily accessible to search engines, thereby boosting its chances of achieving high rankings.

By implementing solutions for these challenges, Organik Web was able to create a website that not only looked good but also performed exceptionally well, echoing the high standards that White Chalk Road is known for in the industry.

The results

With their new website, White Chalk Road has been able to showcase their services and industry experience better than ever before.

Results in numbers

  • PageSpeed Insights Performance Score (Desktop): 96/100
  • PageSpeed Insights Accessibility Score (Mobile/Desktop): 98/100
  • PageSpeed Insights SEO Score (Mobile/Desktop): 100/100
  • Overall Website Conversion Rate: 48.08% increase (year-on-year)

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