Vertech Group

Limitless Inspection, Specialist Maintenance & Access Services

Vertech Group Pty Ltd is an Inspection, Integrity, and specialist maintenance provider, operating across Australia, NZ, and the US. They deliver a comprehensive array of inspection, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services, rope access and maintenance packages all underpinned by innovative specialist access systems.

The group is also made up of other innovative and efficient people – a team of complementary specialist service providers including Geo Oceans, an industry leader in Mini-ROV IRM and subsea inspection services, Sonomatic Limited who is recognised as a global leader in specialised NDT, both topside and subsea; and Abseil Access Ltd, a specialist infrastructure, geotechnical, and demolition provider located in New Zealand.

Organik Web worked with the Vertech marketing team to create a multisite, bringing all their sites under one roof. Our team created a solution that allows Vertech to grow while providing operations with specialist access and safety excellence.

All in One Place with a Multisite

Vertech came to Organik Web looking to bring their many websites into one cohesive place. It was here that the idea to develop a multisite was born.

A multisite means the client can continue to expand their brand while making for a more intuitive and safer experience for visitors exploring different services across all businesses. This saves Vertech’s marketing team time as their business continues to deliver efficiency, and achieve excellence across the globe.

Optimising for SEO

With their multisite, Vertech Group wanted to ensure marketing could still be performed with ease. 

Our team built the multisite with SEO at the front of mind – including adding optimised metadata, H1s and ALT text, to help Google read and rank each site, for target search phrases.

The result

We loved working with the team at Vertech and look forward to seeing their business continue to expand.

Check out the finished result below >>