Summerstar Tourist Parks

Caravan parks for every budget & every occasion

Summerstar Tourist Parks is a collection of family-run caravan parks, vacation parks, and tourist parks in Western Australia, exhibiting the finest of the state from Esperance to Broome.

Summerstar has properties in some amazing locales in WA. Each park has something special to offer, from the beautiful region of Carnarvon to the Kalbarri National Park, as well as Mt. Nameless in Tom Price and the stunning beachfront of Busselton.

With its business continuing to grow Summerstar decided that it was time for a review of its existing brand strategy. The decision was made to rebuild their website, with a focus to streamline the trip planning and booking process, key parts of their customer experience.

Organik Web helped Summerstar with the redesign of its brand and UX – done with the aim to provide a more streamlined planning and booking process for users.

Modern rebranding with a fresh coat of paint

With the plan of a modern website design in mind, we worked to plan and develop a new brand identity. Included in this update in brand identity was a new rendition of Summerstar’s existing logo – a way of honouring the history of the business. 

Given the name “Summer’s Star”, the logo includes elements of a horizon, sunshine, and sweeping landscapes of rural Western Australia, with dynamic movement and vibrant colour. Just like the many visitors to their range of parks, the logo and branding were given a focus on being fun and adventurous.

Providing a quality experience for holiday planners

A major new element of this website is the trip planner – being the focal point of the entire website and the most important tool for users. Being accessible from every area of the website, it offers a quick way to identify lodging options.

Customers are able to choose their desired park and pick their preferred dates and number of guests – upon which all available accommodations within their parameters appear so users can start booking their trip. The planner is also capable of automatically changing parks depending on which page the user is on.

The result

Everyone at Summerstar was great to work with throughout the entire duration of the project, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for James and the Summerstar team.

Check out the finished result below >>