Statewide Bearings

Australia’s leading provider of bearing and power transmission supplies

Statewide Bearings are one of Australia’s most trusted bearing suppliers – offering an extensive range of bearing supplies and services, lubrication products, power transmission supply components; pumps and other associated products.

Being a 100% privately-owned company working all over Australia, they provide practical, timely and cost-effective solutions. Their vast knowledge and extensive industry experience allows them to provide honest, reliable advice to their customers alongside their industry-leading products.

Organik Web were asked by Statewide to redesign their existing website to modernise their look online, whilst still maintaining the same feel and structure of the website to accommodate their long-term users.

Along with this, our team worked to restructure and simplify the product categories and product listings, integrate the site more tightly with other companies in the Statewide Bearings Group, and improve overall website performance.

A modern redesign that keeps the feel of Statewide

Statewide Bearings’ main focus was to make their site more modern without sacrificing the technical side so much that long-term customers felt isolated. Organik Web conducted a full design and strategy session to determine the best look to move forward with. This included some minor branding adjustments, most importantly using some more visually pleasing shades of the yellow and green that the client uses in their branding.

For the website itself, our team conducted numerous discussions on the product category structure in order to simplify navigation. After these discussions, we separated the content into clearer sections – specifically, this involved moving services and brands out of the product category lists and into their own sections.

Optimising for SEO

On top of the redesign being a modern refresh for the website, Statewide Bearings also needed the website to be able to rank high on Google search results and draw in more new customers on top of the existing ones.

Our team developed the website with SEO at the front of mind – including adding optimised metadata, H1s and ALT text, to help Google read and rank each site, for target search phrases.

The result

Statewide Bearings were a pleasure to work with throughout the entire project and gave us valuable feedback to ensure the final website ended up in great condition. We look forward to seeing what comes next for the entire team at Statewide.

Check out the finished result below >>