About NGCF

Hosted by the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems at the University of Western Australia, the National Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility provides state-of-the-art solutions in the geotechnical industry.

NGCF was established in 2016 to create a foothold for centrifuge modelling, addressing the next generation of challenges facing offshore geotechnical engineering. They bring together world class technical expertise and renowned geotechnical academics with strong links to the offshore energy industries, all to deliver technical solutions based on geotechnical centrifuge modelling.

The objectives

NGCF approached Organik Web with a comprehensive set of goals for their new website. The foremost objective was to redesign the website to significantly enhance the user experience for visitors. This involved creating a more intuitive and engaging navigation system, ensuring that all information about the facility and its services is easily accessible.

Another critical objective was to make the website image-rich. NGCF wanted the new website design to visually represent their cutting-edge work and capabilities through high-quality images. This visual strategy was aimed at making the content more engaging and appealing to a broad audience, including potential partners, clients, and academic collaborators.

Additionally, the client emphasised the need to incorporate social media elements into the website. This inclusion was intended to highlight the facility’s dynamic activities and ongoing projects, providing users with real-time updates and a closer connection to NGCF. The integration of social media was also seen as a way to expand the facility’s reach and engagement with a wider community.

The solutions

The redesign process began with a thorough analysis of the existing website to identify areas for improvement. A clean, modern layout was developed, prioritising user experience with a streamlined navigation system. This new structure ensures that visitors can easily access detailed information about NGCF’s services and capabilities without unnecessary complexity.

High-quality images were integrated across the website to create a visually compelling narrative about the facility’s work. These images serve not only to enhance the aesthetic appeal but also to provide a deeper understanding of NGCF’s projects and the advanced technology they utilise. The visual content was carefully curated to resonate with the diverse audience that NGCF engages with, from academic researchers to industry professionals.

To meet the client’s goal of integrating social media, Organik Web incorporated live social media feeds and sharing options throughout the site. This feature allows NGCF to keep their audience updated with the latest news and developments directly from their social media channels. It also encourages user interaction and sharing, thereby increasing NGCF’s online visibility and engagement.

The website also features comprehensive service descriptions and user-friendly menus that guide visitors through the available information efficiently. Interactive elements, such as clickable infographics and embedded videos, were added to make the user experience more engaging. This combination of visual and interactive content ensures that visitors have a rich and informative experience, fostering a deeper connection with NGCF.

By focusing on these strategic enhancements, Organik Web successfully delivered a robust, visually appealing, and highly functional website that meets all of NGCF’s objectives. The new website not only improves NGCF’s online presence but also effectively showcases their innovative work and services, positioning them as leaders in the geotechnical engineering field.

The results

The entire team at NGCF was great to work with, giving us valuable feedback throughout the design and development process. Their new website is already turning heads, and we’re excited to see what’s next for the growing facility.

Check out the finished result below >>