Headway Psychology

A website designed to help

Headway is a leading Perth psychology clinic providing a holistic approach to mental health and wellness through specialist counselling services, along with dietetics, exercise, and yoga.

Organik Web worked with Headway to expand upon their original single-page site. We helped them create a fully fleshed-out website with pages explaining their services and industry content to help educate their valued patients. This was done while maintaining Headway’s strong branding and design philosophies from the original site.

Expansion and awareness

Just like many other Perth businesses, Headway Psychology wanted to ensure they had an established location online where people could find them. But more so than that, this digital space needed to adequately explain everything Headway is about, the services they provide, and the people at the heart of the business.

This is where our team at Organik Web were able to help. After an initial discovery session, we collaborated with them every step of the way to ensure the final design matched what they were looking for. With the design complete, we laid out the structure of the site and developed more pages to allow Headway to showcase more of what they offer.

Optimising for SEO

Along with creating service pages, it was important to make sure the website could help Headway rank at the top of Google search results, for their key services. 

Our team developed the website with UX and SEO at the front of mind – including adding optimised metadata, H1s and ALT text, to help Google read and rank each page, for target search phrases.

The result

Working with Dr. Tom Parker and the entire Headway team was a treat, and we’re very excited to see them continue to grow thanks to their new website.

Check out the finished result below >>