Clearview Security

About Clearview Security

Clearview Security are a Perth-based security door and window company focussed on helping improve the security of homes and businesses. They supply and install a range of Australian Standard-approved security doors and windows across Perth.

Clearview are also the longest-serving licensed suppliers of the famous Crimsafe security doors and windows in Perth, making them a trusted, local team who prides themselves on the quality of their products and the superior level of service they deliver.

The objectives

Clearview Security, Perth’s premier supplier of security windows and doors, approached Organik Web with a vision to revolutionize their online presence. Their ambition extended beyond a mere aesthetic facelift; Clearview aspired to craft an online platform that echoed their commitment to safety, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

The primary objective was to overhaul the user experience, transforming their website into a beacon of information and engagement for individuals seeking robust security solutions for their homes or businesses. This transformation was aimed not only at retaining existing clientele but also at attracting new visitors through a more intuitive and interactive interface.

Furthermore, Clearview recognized the critical need to sharpen its digital marketing tools, with a particular emphasis on refining the website’s call-to-actions (CTAs). The objective was to create a digital pathway that smoothly guides visitors from initial curiosity to decisive action, be it booking a consultation, or requesting a customised quote.

This initiative was rooted in the understanding that a well-structured website serves as a pivotal touchpoint in the customer journey, capable of significantly improving lead generation and conversion rates.

Another key objective was to establish Clearview Security as an authoritative voice in the realm of home and business security solutions within the digital sphere. This entailed not only showcasing their comprehensive range of products but also providing valuable content that educates, informs, and engages their target audience.

By doing so, Clearview aimed to foster trust and credibility among website visitors, positioning themselves as the go-to experts for security needs in Perth.

Clearview Security’s objectives with their website redevelopment project were multifaceted and ambitious. They sought to create a digital platform that reflects their brand’s values, enhances user engagement, improves lead generation efficiency, and cements their position as industry leaders.

Achieving these objectives required a nuanced understanding of digital design and marketing strategies, an area where Organik Web’s expertise was poised to make a significant impact.

The solutions

To achieve these objectives, Organik Web embarked on a comprehensive website redevelopment project for Clearview Security. The solution centred around several key strategies:

User Experience Enhancement

Organik Web implemented a user-centric design approach, focusing on creating a visually appealing layout that facilitated easy navigation. The new website structure was planned to ensure information about products and services was easily accessible, improving the overall user journey. Interactive elements and high-quality imagery were incorporated to engage users and provide a clear understanding of Clearview’s offerings.

Improved Call-to-Actions

Understanding the importance of clear and compelling CTAs for lead generation, Organik Web strategically integrated these elements throughout the website. CTAs were designed to be visually distinctive and placed in key positions to catch the user’s attention. Each CTA was carefully worded to evoke a response, whether it be to request a quote, learn more about a specific product, or contact Clearview for further information.

SEO and Content Strategy

To further support lead generation efforts, Organik Web enhanced the website’s content with SEO best practices in mind. The content was meticulously crafted to not only provide value to the reader but also to improve the site’s visibility in search engine results. This approach aimed to attract a broader audience, increasing the likelihood of converting visitors into leads.

Performance Optimisation

Recognising the impact of website performance on user experience and search engine ranking, Organik Web optimised the site for speed and responsiveness. The new website was built to perform seamlessly across all devices, ensuring that users had a positive experience whether accessing the site from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Through these solutions, Organik Web addressed Clearview Security’s objectives head-on, delivering a website that not only met but exceeded expectations. The revamped site provided a superior user experience, showcased Clearview’s expertise in security solutions, and enhanced the company’s ability to generate and capture leads effectively.

The results

Clearview Security now have a refreshed website with a great new look and easy-to-navigate pages that make browsing and enquiring a breeze.

Check out the finished result below >>