Barolo Resources

Tailored mining and resources investment solutions

Barolo Resources is a Perth-based alternative investing firm that focuses on the mining and resources sector, as well as related industries. Delivering timely and well-structured funding to multiple businesses across Western Australia, they’re building a strong investment portfolio in a wide range of sectors.

Barolo provides a range of funding structures from private equity to convertible debt instruments to royalty structures, with the aim of creating a win-win partnership with clients.

Organik Web worked with Barolo Resources to create a new website that presented their services in a professional manner to their clientele.

A Design Invested in the Investors

Barolo Resources wanted a website that could best showcase their unique services – featuring a more contemporary design that matched the services they provide. 

It’s an important element of many businesses to be able to present services in a way that shows their strengths and benefits in a manner that invites more users and generates more conversions. Organik Web’s redesign was able to do this while maintaining the brand style of Barolo and keeping their team also at the forefront.

Optimising for SEO

With online marketing being critical to the business, Barolo Resources wanted to make sure marketing tasks would be able to be done with ease on the new site. 

Our team developed the website with SEO at the front of mind – including adding optimised metadata, H1s and ALT text, to help Google read and rank each site, for target search phrases.

The result

The team at Barolo helped make the project an efficient process every step of the way. We’re excited to see continued growth in their business in the future.

Check out the finished result below >>