ARK Group

A Hospitality Group with a Difference

The ARK Group is a family-operated hospitality group based in Perth, Western Australia. Being a part of the creation of some of Perth’s best pubs and bars – including Scarborough Beach Bar, Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub, The Generous Squire, Market Grounds, and more – they have become a business known for their passion and skills in the venue operation industry. 

Wanting to have a more cohesive online presence, ARK Group approached Organik Web wanting to develop a solution that could bring all their venues’ sites – and their own – under one roof. Our team worked with the client to ensure the preferences in design and functionality were understood so that the final product was something they could be proud of.

Venue-Based Multisite

As ARK Group’s many venues and services continue to grow, the idea to compile all of the websites together came to the forefront of their minds. Organik Web believed the best solution for this would be to develop a multisite – a hub where every venue would be a subsite under the main ARK Group website.

A multisite such as this allows the client to expand their brand as their venues keep growing, while also making for a more intuitive and safer experience for users. The website was also developed with an SEO focus and mobile-friendliness at its core, allowing for even greater growth in the future through digital marketing.

The Details

The Organik Web and ARK Group teams met to discuss the specifics and determine what the client was looking for. From here, our team proposed the multisite solution, which – upon approval – was developed with the utmost care and commitment to quality and functionality.

The multisite’s features include:

  • A custom parent theme for the ARK Group site, with a dedicated child theme set up to allow for style changes per each venue’s sub-site (Generous Squire exempted).
  • Unique domain mapping for each sub-site to maintain brand and improve marketing possibilities.

The result

ARK Group’s hospitality skills are unparalleled, and – with the new multisite – we look forward to seeing them reach even greater heights going forward. 

Check out the finished result below >>