Organik Vanilla: Our custom built framework

What is Organik Vanilla?

Organik Vanilla is our custom web development WordPress framework which serves as the foundation to the websites that we develop for most of our clients.

We wrote this code ourselves and believe it is the best framework for most business needs. It helps create fast and lightweight websites that are easily maintained, updated, and provide an ideal user experience.

What is included in the Organik Vanilla framework?

Our framework is constantly evolving to keep up with Google’s algorithm and coding preferences. It is also regularly modified with each new website we build contributing to the framework, meaning we are constantly looking over the code to see if it can be optimised.

We maintain the framework of our websites and provide solutions to issues that may arise quickly and seamlessly as we wrote the code and know it like the back of our hand.

A custom website made with Organik Vanilla supplies you and your website with better security. We have written all of our code to a high standard, meaning there are fewer potential security flaws that you may experience with website templates or plugins that may include poorly written code.

Regularly maintained code

We are constantly updating and improving our framework. All work we do to our code automatically gets updated onto your website, ensuring your site stays secure and performing optimally.

Bespoke plugins

By custom building the majority of your site’s plugins and functionality, you’re not relying on third-party developers, which means you’re not using code that can change without warning. We endeavor to use as few third-party plugins as possible, and the few we do use are high quality, well maintained and from reputable developers.

Exclusive features

Custom-built means you will have functionality and design features created, just for you.

Along with a fast, high-performing website, it is also secure and tailored completely to your business needs.

Lightweight design

Websites created using Organik Vanilla are designed to be lightweight in code. This is very beneficial for companies who want their business website to rank high in Google’s search results.  

Organik Vanilla websites run faster and rank highly in Google because there is less code for Google to read. 

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